What should amazon FBA sellers do when they receive POA emails?

Recently, when I visited the relevant forums of Amazon, I saw many netizens asking urgent questions. Perhaps the problem is that their products sold on Amazon platform have been banned from sale due to illegal operation, and the seller must show POA to successfully apply for restoration.Many sellers will become very anxious when they see their products are banned and immediately search the Internet to find out what the POA really means. POA is short for “PowerofAttorney”, which means “PowerofAttorney” in Chinese. It is a PowerofAttorney issued by the customer during customs clearance.As soon as they arrived here, many Amazon merchants became increasingly confused. The goods had already been cleared successfully, or why they were successfully sold in Amazon’s warehouse? Also, Amazon never goes to the extra mile to help sellers successfully clear customs, so what’s the use of a customs clearance proxy?

Look carefully in the forum that some Amazon merchants show detailed questions to see, did not expect that POA is not this POA, this is also two different concepts. According to the problems reported by all Amazon merchants who have received the corresponding emails, the Amazon official reminded them to prevent misunderstanding when applying for POA, that is, “the plan must reply to the following three questions.” Amazon’s POA is actually short for the English phrase “PlanofAction.” This makes the problem much easier to deal with. In general, since Amazon sends you an email asking you to show you a plan, there’s a good chance that the item you’re banned from selling will be restored to normal.


So what do you do when you submit a POA? First you want to reply to the relative should be the problem, why happened to true, the cause of this problem, you need to write out the measures to solve the problem of the present stage, it should be noted on the one hand, the measure to have the corresponding feasibility, as far as possible let see you amazon repentance from the new heart. Finally, write down your precautions to prevent similar problems in the future. In other words, in expressing your overall plan, you need to enhance the feasibility of your actions, and at the same time, you need to incorporate your feelings of apology and correction. Under normal circumstances, as long as you fill in according to the corresponding requirements, the official Platform of Amazon will give a corresponding reply within a week or so, and the banned categories of goods can be unsealed, so that they can be put into normal sales work.

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Post time: Aug-02-2021